Canada : An ideal place to work

Our team at Expert Opinion has been dealing with work permit cases since long now and due to our decade-old expertise we can assure that Canada is an ideal place to work. Canada is ranked as the second-best country in the world behind Germany, from a field of 60 countries for overall sustainability, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, economic influence and most importantly, quality of life.  Canada has placed ahead of the U.K., the U.S., and Sweden.

Canada is the 5th best country to grow old in, with unique old age pension programs and health care system. Moreover, According to Maclean’s Magazine’s Canada Day survey:

  • Canada’s economy is the 14th largest, making it one of the wealthiest nations with a consistently high standard of living.
  • Canada has major contributors to quantum computing, medical discoveries, space science and technology.
  • Canada is one of the most peaceful countries in the world.
  • While other nations continue to debate the issue, Canada has been celebrating inclusivity and same-sex marriages for years.
  • Canada has greater economic freedom because of its sound, reliable and transparent public finances.
  • Canada’s banks and banking systems are better and stronger (4 of the top 10 banks in the world were Canadian)
  • Canada has a relatively lower unemployment rate than the U.S., particularly among young workers.
  • Canada has better health care, benefits, paid holidays and paid leaves, including maternity and paternal leave.
  • Canada’s workplaces are mandated by law to be inclusive and welcoming, with opportunities open to all.

According to a BMO study, “in Canada, nearly half of millionaires are immigrants or second-generation residents, compared to just one-third in America.”

So, there is no shortage of reasons why Canada is not just a great place but the place to live and work. So, do not wait and talk to one of our representatives today, Contact us now